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  • The branded Flow Wireless Chargers from PromoPal

    Flow Wireless Chargers

    A high grade 5W wireless charger platform, the Flow Wireless Charger is a fast turnaround option that sits upright so you can charge your phone and use it to watch your latest Netflix binge all at once! Compatible with phones offering a wireless charge...

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  • Main image for the promotional Pulse Wireless Chargers from PromoPal

    Pulse Wireless Chargers

    Need a wireless charger that can also charge through a conventional system? These Pulse Wireless Chargers are a perfect option. Simply plug them into a USB port or mains adapter, and you can charge up to three phoiens at a time (one wireless, two through...

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  • Promotional Zap Wireless chargers from PromoPal Full colour range of Promotional Zap Wireless chargers from PromoPal

    Zap Wireless Chargers

    Zap Wireless Chargers are a great, budget friendly option to highlight your brand with a fun, useful gift! Able to charge any compatible phone, these chargers simply plug into a USB port or mains adapter, the phone goes on top and they charge! Supplied...

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  • Promotional portable wireless chargers are available today at PromoPal

    Portable Wireless Chargers

    There's no need for charging cords anymore thanks to the Portable Wireless Charger! Acting like a powerbank, this wireless charger is easily packed in your bag (or pocket) and taken with you in case of an emergency. Need to charge? It's too easy - just...

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